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Sh*t I say about those videos

I always wonder what makes a video go viral. (Secretly, I want to make a video go viral) I feel like the best videos tap  into very specific emotions and they help you relate to something. If you have been living under a rock for the past month, chances are you missed out on the […]

The all powerful link- Brigg’s chapter three

I love links. Most of my own online reading is sparked through links on Twitter and through other articles I am already reading. Can you imagine using Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, or onlines articles without the use of links? Chances are you would be more likely to stop reading. I find it hard to understand that […]

How social media influenced a decision

On Tuesday, the Susan G. Komen Foundation announced that it would restrict its previous funding to Planned Parenthood for low-income women in need of mammograms. I found this news out not on television or in the newspaper, but on my Twitter account. My timeline was littered with posts about the Komen Foundation’s decision. Almost all […]

Your future job could be on the line

When Myspace and Facebook first emerged, I never worried about what pictures were posted of me or what comments were made on my page because I was a teenager and having a career was so far in the future I couldn’t even contemplate it. I was having a fun time and I didn’t care who […]

The road to the Super Bowl

[View the story “History Re(match)peating” on Storify]

Briggs chapter 2

How to be a blogger Anyone can be a blogger. All it requires is setting one up through any provider, like onmason.com. But what does it mean to effectively use a blog and be a better writer? These are the issues tackled in chapter two. Why are blogs important? Blogs changed web publishing and journalism. […]

Briggs chapter 1

The first chapter of “Journalism Next” is an easy-to-read crash course in computer and internet basics. Mark Briggs outlines how to understand: HTML (how to set up your own Web page) FTP (file transfer protocol) web browsers RSS feeds bytes and bites (man, I’m hungry) Briggs gives several examples to follow along with so that […]