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Spring is in the air

With the amazing weather that has entered the mid-atlantic early this year, I’m starting to notice that I don’t spend nearly enough time outside enjoying it. I should be outside getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D. Instead, I am inside a slave to technology: my laptop, ipod, TV, smartphone. Although these are tools that […]

Briggs chapter 9

It is a no-brainer to state that with the ever growing technology at our fingertips comes the problem ofof never-ending data. The Internet changed teh way that we communicate with each other, and now we can take this communication on the go with us on our mobile phones. There is no escaping it! Don’t fear, […]

Briggs chapter 8

Shooting video is not unlike planning to write a printed story. You need to first know your five W’s and then plan on what footage will tell the story most effectively. This includes a combination of live action, stills, and voice overs. There are two basic forms of video that you can utilize are a […]


Now, more than ever, the world is connected into one global community. We have the ability to communicate with those in other cities, states, countries and continents. Now, more than ever, we can make a difference in the world using social media. The grassroots organization Invisible Children, that started nearly a decade ago, just launched […]

Where in the world is Alliegator

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Briggs chapter 11

You could spend hours researching, interviewing and writing the perfect article. But how do you know that when you publish it that anyone is going to read it? How can you be sure that you are reaching the right audience? Millions of people use the Internet everyday, how do you know who is interested in […]

Conversation 101

News. The word, when alone, seems cold, harsh, and unwelcoming. These are the straight facts that the reporter is telling you and you better listen. Well, not anymore. News has revolved into more of a conversation among the writers and readers. “Being social with users is easier than ever before, and the more social a […]