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Slideshow of my trip to Italy

My name is Allie, and I am a Pinterestholic

I do it at home. I do it at work. I’ve even done it during class. I have a full on addiction to Pinterest, the new and fast growing social media site. Linked through Facebook or Twitter, users can “pin” pictures to their own boards after searching through countless categories and other user’s pins. Your […]

Briggs chapter 6

Photography is a part on online journalism that allows the reader to see what it is that you are talking about and adds an important element of interaction. Digital cameras are readily available to everyone, and must smart phones have a camera of their own that reporters can use for quick photographs. Almost as important […]

Nomophobia, is that contagious?

It can be the worst feeling in the world. At first your heart rate increases slightly. You start scowering the area looking for it. Could it be in the other room? Your bag? The car? WHERE IS IT? Full on panic. No, you’re not searching for a wedding ring, your last will, or the deed […]

Workshop 2: InDesignII

On Monday I attended my second workshop offered through the STAR lab in the Johnson Center. Since I had already attended the first workshop for InDesign, I figured I should follow up with the next lesson to see if learning more about the program would make me like it more. Once again the class size […]

Briggs chapter 5

About 20 years ago, the Internet changed the way that journalists wrote and distributed their stories. The world of the journalist is changing yet again with the implementation of smart phones. According to Brigg’s, more than one billion mobile phones were sold in 2008. It is now 2012, and there is no doubt that this […]

Chris Brown pulls an Ashton

Chris Brown got himself into some hot water after he sent explicit tweets from his account after the Grammys. Brown, apparently, did not agree with the negative feedback that he was receiving from some viewers. After I read this story on mashable, I immediately thought of Ashton Kutcher and his “spoke to soon” comments on Twitter […]

My first video on imovie

Workshop 1: InDesign

On Monday I attended my first workshop offered through the STAR lab located in the Johnson Center. After looking through the list of different workshops that were offered, I decided that InDesign would be the most relevant to my concentration in PR. The class size was very small and it was easy to ask questions […]

The power of the micro

At first, 140 characters doesn’t seem like enough space to tell a story. How could you possibly get across your point in such a limited space? This worry is a thing of the past. The popularity of microblogging has become extremely popular and a useful tool for journalists. Microblogging is the answer to those who […]