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Briggs chapter 2

How to be a blogger Anyone can be a blogger. All it requires is setting one up through any provider, like onmason.com. But what does it mean to effectively use a blog and be a better writer? These are the issues tackled in chapter two. Why are blogs important? Blogs changed web publishing and journalism. […]

Briggs chapter 1

The first chapter of “Journalism Next” is an easy-to-read crash course in computer and internet basics. Mark Briggs outlines how to understand: HTML (how to set up your own Web page) FTP (file transfer protocol) web browsers RSS feeds bytes and bites (man, I’m hungry) Briggs gives several examples to follow along with so that […]

Could one click make a difference?

I never really sat back and thought about how I view content on the Internet. Which is surprising considering I have access at my finger tips 24/7. After reading Joel Achenbach’s article, I feel that if journalists don’t keep up with the rapid consumption of news by readers, that they will be forgotten in a […]

My media pyramid!